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How To Get Education

First of all, education is generally misunderstood to mean instruction or memorization of rules. It really means development from within, of the human mind, through unfoldment and use. In this post, I'm going to be sharing with you five apps that you can use to acquire free education without a university. And none of them is a secret. Almost everywhere in the world, colleges and universities are overrated not because these institutions give education. It is not because of education, rather, its because they are accredited to award degrees or Certificates.

How To Get Education


Just imagine that schools and universities stop given certificates or degrees. What do you think will happen if you are asked to go to university? Education is what you need and it doesn't leave in a paper called a certificate. Why can't you go to a university and get that education without having any paper to show for it? Nobody will go to a university if the university doesn't give degrees.

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If you want to be a medical doctor, a lawyer, or anything like that, yes, the degree is important. Imagine you want to be a computer engineer, a software engineer, a writer, a musician, a salesperson, a journalist, an inventor, or a scientist. Many people and organizations will never give you a chance to do any of the above work except entrepreneurship without a degree. Nobody needs a degree to be a salesperson. Nobody needs a degree to be an inventor. Nobody needs a degree to be a musician or writer or even a scientist. Journalist.

Why do you think the university is the best place or the only place to get an education? Yes, if you don't have a degree as an inventor or scientist, the science community will not recognize you. While the forefathers of science had no degrees, they were curious, curiosity, curiosity, curiosity led them to great discoveries and inventions.

Now let’s take a look at the four apps to need to get your free education without a university degree.

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How To Get Education Without a University


Every internet user knows it and everybody uses it. But do you understand and appreciate what Google means? The foundation of education is not the uniform we wear to school, nor is it the test or even degrees. The foundation of education is information. If I can get enough information about any field, be it law, medicine, accounting, or entrepreneurship, I can get an education in that field. Google gives you information without you having to pay an unreasonable amount of money to get it.

How To Get Education

Google literally changed the world because through that simple app I've been able to learn valuable things that have been the reason for my success. I know you have access to the Google search engine on your phone or computer. What I don't know is whether you're using it to get education or entertainment. Believe me, Google search gives to all of us what no university can give us.

We are all now familiar with the term “just google it” or “google knows everything”. Google is a free university providing free education to all who may access it.


To many, YouTube is a social media platform for sharing videos. Let those with that belief have it. To me, YouTube is a big university providing practical and free education to those who need and are searching for it. This is what happens. YouTube has an intelligent algorithm which studies what you watch on it. For instance, you go to YouTube every day to watch cartoons, YouTube will give you more cartoons and related videos to watch.

How To Get Education

Let's say you consume educational videos in any field science, art, history, or intrapreneurship. Then whenever you log into your YouTube app, you'll see more and more videos in that field. This way, YouTube becomes one of the most valuable educational institutions in the world for one to get self-education for free. Millions of people acquired great knowledge and became successful in their chosen field of interest via YouTube – the free online video library providing free education and knowledge without awarding a certificate or a degree.


TED is a nonpartisan nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. In 1984, a group of professionals in those three areas got together and thought it would be a good idea to create a conference where ideas could be shared about these subjects and people could become inspired. Ideas could be spread. And that's what TED talks were born. So you can imagine, TED is has been a free resource for self-education since 1984. If you’re looking for a degree or a certificate then TED may not be for you. This is a giant university for all who seek information and knowledge.

How To Get Education

Today, it covers almost all topics — from science to business to global issues — in more than 110 languages. Twice a year, TED holds this conference, where thought leaders from around the world give some mind-blowing talks. Then TED sticks them online so you can watch them for free.

Whether you want to improve upon your public speaking skills or become an inventor, TED is the place for. A free educational library with 100s of subjects to learn from for free. In today’s world, we have no excuse to be illiterate on any subject that interests us. TED is inspiring people to challenge themselves into new fields or to get better at what they are already doing.


Many years ago, I heard Brian Tracy saying something like, if you'll listen to audio training programs in your car, you can consume the equivalent of the university degree information in two years.

How To Get Education

Fortunately for us, we don't have to be in the car to listen to podcasts anymore. But a simple app on your phone, you can learn wonderful things that can change your life. Decide on the subject you want to learn and select the people to follow. Your free learning has just begun. The knowledge you need to succeed in life very much as to do with your social skills among others. So why not focus on getting this for free from your phone or computer?


Did you know the name Quora comes from quorum? Quora is a collection of questions and answers created, edited, organized, and continually updated by users. Thousands of people are getting an education from this app or website just by asking a question on any subject of interest. Some questions have received over a hundred answers. Quora is a giant university providing is free education. I cannot place monetary on what I’ve learned from this university called Quora.

How To Get Education

So you will need to have an account to ask or answer questions. All users of Quora have a short biography that indicates any areas of expertise. This helps validate answers users provide to other people's queries.

How To Get Education

You can also add a comment. Send thanks to the person who posted the answer or Mark as not helpful. Feedback helps organize the replies so the most useful ones appear first and user engagement helps make Quora fun. Got a question? The website Quora may have the answer and you may be the one to provide it. Some say Quora is a social media site. No problem. To me, it’s a big learning institution.


Education is about information and practice. If I can get information about any field, I can practice and improve my skills and if I can practice, I can do anything in that field. If you agree with me that information is the foundation of education.  If you need to be educated in any field or subject consider a free education, it will save your pocket.

Why not turn your attention to the above-mentioned apps and harvest of the knowledge in it. I know 1000s of students chasing degrees printed in a certificate visit these apps on a daily basis to get answers to their assignment as well as complete their project work.

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