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8 Steps to Win Sweepstakes and Constest

How To Win Sweepstakes Contests

Entering sweepstakes and contests is a very exciting and rewarding pastime game. It is very important to know how to beat the odds and win most often. If you’re well equipped with the right knowledge you win most often. It is the reason why this write up is put up for lovers of sweeps on How To Win Sweepstakes Contests in 2020.

The following article furnishes you with exact knowledge on how to win sweepstakes most often.

How To Win Sweepstakes and Contests

What Are Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are random drawings for prizes sponsored by various organizations to draw attention to their product or service. When an organization offers sweepstakes it must adhere to many state and federal laws. One of the most important laws for you to understand is that no purchase is required to enter sweepstakes.

Many people believe that you won't win unless you buy the sponsor's product, this is not true. Many winners of sweepstakes do not purchase the sponsors' product. The sponsor is hoping you will become aware of and try their product by offering sweepstakes to draw your attention to the product. Larger sweepstakes are handled by an outside judging agency. This helps the promoter ensure that everything will be handled properly and legally. Now get more ideas on 8 Step on how win Free Sweepstakes Contests in 2020.

How To Win Sweepstakes Contests
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Skill Contests

There’s are a subtle difference between sweepstakes and contests. Skills are important to win a contest. Your proof of purchase from an organization is often a requirement to win a contest. This is legal because a contest is not a random drawing, winners are chosen by judges for their skill. Winning contests can be easy if you are skilled in the area required. There are usually fewer entries in a contest than sweepstakes.

 Game Sweepstakes And Lotteries

Game sweepstakes are different from other sweepstakes because they have predetermined odds. There are only so many game pieces printed or gameplays available, so the odds can be calculated. The odds are displayed in the rules. There are many types of game sweepstakes. Some of the more common ones are instant win games, match and win games, and collect to win games. Instant win games are the easiest to play, usually, you scratch off the game piece with a coin and see if you are a winner. In match to win games, you usually must bring the game piece to a display (if you can find one) to determine if you are a winner.

Collect and win games require that you save game pieces and try to complete a phrase or complete a picture, etc. These usually have one rare piece, necessary to win. In most games, the odds are very remote in winning a major prize. Occasionally you will find a game that has quite reasonable odds, and it is worth the effort to send for additional game pieces.

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I have found this to be rare though. The best part about game sweepstakes is the second chance drawing that many of them offer to win prizes that go unclaimed in the game portion of the sweepstakes. Online games are very popular. usually, the entry time is predetermined so that when you enter a game online the prizes are predetermined to be awarded at various times throughout the promotion period. Some of the most winnable online games are ones that require a unique code to enter.

Unique codes are usually available on the sponsors' products, or by mailing for a game code (no purchase can be required). Lotteries are not really a good investment. Winning depends only on luck. unlike sweepstakes, you must pay for a lottery ticket. The value of the prizes offered must be less than the amount taken in for all the lottery tickets sold. For this reason on average, if you kept buying lottery tickets until you won, you would spend more than you would win.

Sweepstakes prizes, on the other hand, are paid for by the promoter and entry is the cost of a stamp. Many sweepstakes entries have a far greater value than the postage they cost. When this is the case, you can win a far greater amount than you spend entering the sweepstakes.

Finding Sweepstakes To Enter

Sweepstakes are everywhere. they are often advertised on the TV, in the newspaper, on the radio, in magazines, and in stores. A simple online search for sweepstakes will bring up hundreds of current sweepstakes also. When your shopping, look for “take one” forms offering sweepstakes and make sure to enter local contests when shopping. The inserts in the Sunday newspaper are also a good source of sweepstakes.

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Reading The Rules

It is important to read the rules. Do not enter a sweepstake without first reading the rules. This is important for online sweepstakes and mail-in sweepstakes. Most mail-in entries will consist of a 3X5 card or a 3×5 piece of paper with your name and address on it. Some sweepstakes will require a “qualifier” to be sent with your entry. A qualifier is usually a phrase or the name of the sponsor's product on a 3X5 card or paper.

Many sweepstakes allow you to enter as often as you like, but on many others, only one entry is allowed. Every sweepstake is different so you must follow the rules. Why go to the work of preparing several entries in particular sweepstakes, only to have them disqualified because you did not prepare the entries correctly? Always hand print your mail-in entries, any mechanically produced entries will be disqualified.

Entering Sweepstakes

You will usually enter online sweepstakes on the promoter's website. If you are entering online sweepstakes regularly, it will be a big time-saver to use the autofill feature on your browser. There are many ways to find online sweepstakes. You may do your own searching on a search engine, but websites that list links to sweepstakes will be a great time saver.

Before entering mail-in sweepstakes, you should go down to the local office supply store and purchase these items: plain 3×5 cards, plain 3×5 paper, #10 or smaller envelopes, pens and possibly a clipboard. Work on one job at a time. Filling out 3×5's at one time and addressing envelopes at another. This way you will be more productive than if you assembled one entry at a time. You may want to put your name and address on 3×5's and stockpile them for future entries. We recommend a good newsletter to find mail-in sweepstakes. Just apply the 8 Step on How Win Sweepstakes Contests. So why not take how to win your sweepstakes contest seriously.

Improving your odds

Entering as many sweepstakes as you can find that appeal to you is one good way to start winning, but being selective can help you win without as much time and effort. Being selective about what you enter is one of the best ways to win often. Obviously, sweepstakes that offer thousands of valuable prizes are a better sweepstake than one that offers only one large prize.

Entering several sweeps many times is also better than entering many different sweepstakes one time each. Think of the difference of entering sweepstakes with one prize once as opposed to entering sweepstakes with thousands of prizes 50 times. The latter example would have thousands of times better of a chance to win than the first example. What you want to do is win, and you can win by getting the odds in your favor. Below are some examples of good and bad sweepstakes. It is my belief that if you follow the 8 Step to Win Free Sweepstakes and Contests.

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Good sweepsBad Sweeps
Many valuable prizesOne or a few prizes
2nd chance sweepstakesMultiple ways of entering (coupon or rebate form)
Local sweepstakesOnly one entry allowed
Sweepstakes that are difficult to enterHeavily advertised sweeps
Hard to find sweepstakesSweeps with a very long duration
Sweeps that have a very short entry deadline
Sweeps that are for a targeted audience
Games requiring a unique code

How To Win Sweepstakes and Contests

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