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Make Fast Money Online

Make Fast Money Online

I’d like to congratulate you on taking the time to go through these Proven Strategies To Make Fast Money Online. At least $10,000 per month.

Everyone wants to know how to make extra money fast online. May be  $10,000 a month online so they can blow past the magical “six figures a year” milepost…

 If you will browse your favorite internet marketing forum for a few minutes, and I’m sure you’ll unearth dozens of similar requests from other internet marketers. Your email inbox is probably full of similar messages from email marketers. I have a lot of questions from new internet marketers on this subject. It is the main reason why I decided to answer the question in this blogpost on proven strategies to make fast money online – $1000 every month.

The Proven Strategies To Make Fast Money Online – $10,000 Every Month

Create and sell your own information products

Make Fast Money Online

Many people who are just starting out don’t even realize that they have knowledge that other people would be willing and even eager to pay for – and chances are, you're a walking encyclopedia in a particular field that could make you rich.


  • You’ve lost a lot of weight and could teach others to do the
  • You know how to stretch the family
  • You could teach others how to create and sell
  • You know how to get into graduate 
  • You know how to breed and raise
  • You could be a gym instructor

The above list includes just ideas… but the sky is just the beginning of the list!

Take time to brainstorm your interests and talents, and you’ll quickly discover that you know a lot about a particular topic. It could be your cash cow to make fast money online.

So once you’ve figured out what to write about, what do you do next? 

Below is a step-by-step overview of the entire process. Remember that most of what you see on the list below can be outsourced to competent freelancers:

  • Research the market

To ensure your idea is Your goal isn’t to find a market and give them a product that requires them to first be educated about why they need this product. That’s the long, hard, and expensive way of making money. Instead, your goal is to choose a hungry niche… and then give them a product that they’re ALREADY buying.

  • Research the competition

So you can develop a better Now, you don’t want to just give your market the exact same product as the competitors are delivering to the customers. You want to make your product unique – and you want to make it better. So your next step is to research the competitors’ products to discover how you can improve upon the products the market is already buying.

  • Take action

Shut the ringer off on your phones, lock the door, close your email… and start typing. Start with an outline and a goal to write XXXX of words per day. Then keep typing until you finish your e-book – don’t worry about editing, because you can do that once the draft is finished.

Quick Tip: If you don’t like to type, then try a voice-to-text software like google voice to text.

If creating the product doesn’t sound like something you want to do yourself, then outsource the task.

  • Set up your website, including a lead-capture

Next, you need to write a sales letter that sells your ebook and upload it to a web page. You’ll also want to set up a squeeze page with an autoresponder as a means to get your visitors to join your newsletter list. This is important because most people won’t buy your ebook the first time they visit your site – the money is in your list!

  • Set up your backend sales system

Most people don’t get rich selling just one Instead, they find their wealth is hidden in the backend of their business – this is where existing customers buy more products and more expensive products from you.

As such, even as you create your first product, you need to also be developing your backend sales system. You should set up various ways to contact and pitch additional products to your existing customers, such as by email, postal mail, membership site forums, blogs or even through links in the products they’ve already purchased.

And there you have it – the five-step path to riches.

It’s not a complicated process. Indeed, you can boil it down to a few words:

You may want to consider affiliate marketing

Make Fast Money Online

Affiliate marketing is when two marketers come together – one with a product and one with an audience – and they split the profits on any sales they make together. The affiliate sends traffic to the product creator’s sales page, and the product creator closes the sale and gives a commission to the affiliate for every paid referral.

You can become an affiliate for nearly anything – from Dell computers to beer-making machines to books and products on sites like Amazon.

However, when you’re an affiliate for physical products, you generally receive a small commission – perhaps only 5% or 50%. That means if you’re selling a $100 product, you’ll only get $5 or $50 for every paid referral you send to the merchant.  You can make a lot of money fast online from home with affiliate marketing

Important: Don’t discard affiliate marketing just yet. You see, if you promote downloadable products like e-books, you can get as much as 50%, 75%, or even a full 100% commission for every product you sell!

Now imagine those sorts of commissions on a $100 product, and you can see how the money will pile up pretty quickly in your bank account!

Here’s an overview of how to make your fortune with affiliate marketing:

  • Find a hungry market.

Some people find a product and then go looking for a better way to do it is to find a hungry market that’s flush with cash first (because finding a product is an easy part).

  • Find out what this market is already

The easiest way to make money online is to sell what people are already buying.

  • Find suitable affiliate networks

Go to WorriorPlus, JVZoo, or Maxbounty to browse for affiliate products that are similar to what the market is already buying. Be sure to read the products and research the merchant to make sure you’re dealing with a good merchant.

  • Set up a lead-capture

NEVER send your leads straight to the merchant’s page directly. Instead, set up an autoresponder series and a related freebie (like a free ebook) to get all leads on your mailing list. THEN you can recommend that those on your mailing list purchase certain products.

  • Start sending traffic to your lead capture page, using pay per click marketing, search engine optimization, article marketing, blogging, social media marketing, forum marketing, viral marketing and similar

That’s it! Just build a list of targeted buyers, find affiliate products that solve their

problems, and recommend those products.

Just like that, you’re on a path to $10,000 a month!

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Tap into the Backend Automatically

As you’ve already discovered from the previous two paths to riches, the money isn’t in your products… it’s on your list.

And the easiest money you’ll ever make is by selling more products and more expensive products to your existing customers (i.e., sell on the “backend” of your business).

Smart marketers spend considerable amounts of time building their sales funnels (backend sales systems).

They know the hard part is getting the prospect into the funnel – but once the prospect starts buying, they’ll continue to buy provided you’re solving their problems and giving them a good buying experience.

And so savvy marketers are constantly coming up with new ideas, creating new products, and figuring out ways to convert their existing customers into repeat buyers.

Now imagine if you could sell a product to your customer once… and then do so automatically every month after that, with no additional persuasion on your part. Would that make it easier for you to run your business? And would you be able to make a whole lot more money? Yes and yes!

Create a monthly membership site

Here’s the idea – instead of selling a new product to your customers every month, you set up a membership site with a monthly fee. Your customers are billed automatically. And all you have to do is update the site once a month. You can even outsource this task, meaning you’re earning a residual income almost on autopilot!

Just imagine setting up a membership site with a $20 monthly fee and getting just 500 customers. Each and every month your payment processor re-bills these customers, and you earn another fast $10,000!

Here are just a few ideas for membership sites you could set up:

  • A site that offers a service, like a web Or you could offer something like sales letter critiques or college essay critiques.
  • A site that offers lessons on a topic. For example, you could have a six-month or twelve-month course on how to get an online business up and Or you could offer a course on something like how to do home repairs and maintenance.
  • A site that offers a new product each month. Think of Time-Life books here or the “Wine of the Month” Every month the customer receives a new product, and it doesn’t have to be a physical product. It could be a series of related e-books – perhaps “how-to” nonfiction books, or a “romance e-book of the month” club!

Those are just a few ideas. You’ve no doubt been apart of some of these sites, such as sites that deliver new software to its members every month, sites that offer large discounts on niche products, sites that offer private label rights (PLR) products to resell, and so on.

All you have to do to get started is:

  • Choose a hungry niche
  • Find out what they’re already buying and what they
  • Set up a membership script and payment
  • Set up a squeeze page and a sales page.

Take Advantage of eBay

Make Fast Money Online

There are plenty of people who make a good living on eBay… and you can too!

Just think about it for a moment – eBay is one of the largest marketplaces in the world.

When you tap into the power of eBay, you don’t have to spend a moment thinking about where your target market congregates and how to reach them.

That’s because your target market comes looking for you on eBay, rather than you having to look for them! And anyone who’s browsing eBay is likely planning on buying something, which means almost everyone who looks at your ad will be a person who already has their credit card out. You’d be hard-pressed to find “hotter” leads than the people browsing eBay!

So, how can you take advantage of this incredibly large pool of buyers? There are plenty of ways to do it. But in general, you’ll likely use one of two models:

  • Use eBay strictly as a lead

If you browse the closed auctions, you’ll see certain sellers who consistently seem to be profiting very little on every product they sell. And indeed, they may even take a loss.

Why would someone choose to lose money on eBay?

Simple: Because they’re using eBay as a lead generator. That means they’re selling low-cost products to pull people into their sales funnel. Once the buyers are in their sales funnel, then the marketer works to sell them more products and more expensive products via email or even postal mail (e.g., direct response postcards, letters, or even catalogs).

  • Use eBay to directly pull in a handsome

This model is really a combination of direct profits and backend selling. Here, the marketer not only offers low-cost products to pull people into his sales funnel, but he also offers high- ticket products directly to eBay buyers. So while he may break even on his low- ticket products, his high-ticket products are paying his mortgage.

The model you choose depends on what you’re selling. In certain markets, you’ll find it difficult to sell high-ticket products directly on eBay, because people tend to look for bargains.

But if you’re selling something like antiques, you may find you get higher prices by putting them on the auction block rather than by offering them for a fixed price to your customer list.

Which brings up the next question: What should you sell?

In order to succeed on eBay, your best bet is to choose a hungry niche and focus almost entirely on that one niche.

Once you find the hungry niche, find out what they’re buying… and start giving it to

them. This could be antiques, clothing, information products, collectibles, artwork, exercise equipment, or anything else. 

You can create your own products, sell products that you have the resell rights to, use a drop shipper to sell products, and so on.

Quick Tip: If you’re selling downloadable products like e-books, eBay now requires you to mail the product, which means you’ll either need to make a print product, or you need to put the product on a flash drive, CD, DVD or other devices.

Target Other Marketers | Make Extra Money Fast Online

Make Fast Money Online

So far, we’ve talked about different ways to make $10,000 per month which mainly

(although not exclusively) focused on selling directly to consumers.

But another way to make a lot of money fairly quickly is by focusing on other marketers.

 That’s because people will pay handsomely if you can give them what they need to make

even more money. And one way to do that is by flipping websites (i.e., selling or reselling websites).

There are two ways you can build a business flipping websites. You may focus on either way exclusively, or you may combine them to grow your business. Here are the two models:

  1. You build niche websites and sell them directly to Within this overall model, there are a few different ways you can build these sites:
  • You can create exclusive websites and sell one site to one customer for a higher
  • You can create a template site, load it with private label content, and sell it to multiple customers (provided these customers know it’s not an exclusive, unique site).

Some marketers who sell exclusive sites simply create the site, load it with content, and sell it directly to other marketers based on the traffic and profit potential. If you have a system for building sites very quickly, this can be lucrative.

Other marketers choose to spend a few months building the content, traffic, and income – and then selling the site at a much higher price. Since the site is pulling in traffic and a profit (even if it’s a small profit), it commands a higher price because there’s proof that it’s profitable. People are now buying into proven profits rather than profit potential.

  1. You buy poor-performing niche websites, tweak them, and resell them for a higher The second way to make money flipping websites is by scooping up cheap, under-performing websites, tweaking them, and reselling them for a tidy profit. Here’s how:
  • Search places like eBay, com, DNForum.com, and similar marketplaces for low-priced, low-profit websites where you can clearly see how to boost profits. You can usually pick them up for a few hundred dollars.
  • Tweak the Improve the sales process, monetize the site better, and start driving traffic.
  • Once you have better conversion numbers and the site is making a proven profit, resell it for around 6-12 month’s worth of, for example, a site making just $100 per month could sell for $600 to $1200 (or even more, if you find the right buyer).
  • Reinvest some of your profits into buying more Rinse and repeat until you’re making at least $10,000 a month!

Proven Strategies To Make Fast Money Online – $1000 Every Month

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You may not be able to start all the above strategies to make fast money online from home. You will need to focus on one strategy and master before moving to the next. You can equally move from a none performing strategy to a new one. But remember to test each proven method long enough before discarding it. You can really make extra money fast online with the above strategies.

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